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Guten Tag Fremder, Guten Tag Band!

Also die Homepage ist noch nich ganz fertig--- aber ich hoffe bis mitte mai... (ich bräuchte evtl noch mal deine hilfe, jani...)

Aber nun ein anderes Thema: Am 12. Mai muss abgesagt werden oder nich?

see you... keep on rockin'! Jelly

..Jelle (Saxophone) am 29.4.07 13:00


Hello my fans out there!


Yes, now we have a block! WHOHOOO!!!

I´m happy about this page, but JellyBabie has to build a new Page.

The OFFICIAL page. And I will look about a free .de Domain.

Maybe, you know a .de free Domain ^^


Ok, I say bye at the moment!

         so... BYE!


Arne (Bass) am 28.4.07 21:05

Did you write the book of love?

Current music: Don McLean - American Pie

Guess this is the first entry in our blog. Maybe the others won't like it, maybe they'll do.
She was just in the mood to open this blog. Lars has one, too. He'll like this one as well, I hope.

Well, today our blog was born... I hope we'll be busy with it

Just a short entry...

  But - keep on rockin'


. Janika am 28.4.07 20:44

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